About Us

The Tomales Bay Foundation (Foundation) was incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to fund activities of the Tomales Bay Watershed Council (Council), a related ad-hoc entity that primarily did water quality testing at tributary streams of Tomales Bay, and provided an important forum for agencies and other organizations active in the watershed.  The Council developed a Watershed Stewardship Plan in 2003, and the Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan in 2007, important guidance for stewardship of coastal watersheds.  Under a 2021 Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement between the two entities, the Foundation supported the Council and continued to implement projects of habitat restoration, education, scholarships, community development, research and improvements around the Bay. In 2022 the Council ceased to exist and interested persons and agency partners are being invited to become members of the Tomales Bay Foundation Advisory Committee, thus consolidating the two organizations into a single non-profit organization.