Chicken Ranch Beach Wetland Enhancement: Implementation

Tomales Bay Foundation is excited to announce further funding from the California Coastal Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to continue design and then to implement a project to eliminate contamination and to restore wetland habitat at Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness, California. In our latest efforts we have been working for 2 years with Prunuski-Chatham to complete the 65% design, obtain permits and secure a lease from the State Lands Commission. Now we will complete 90% engineering designs, 100% design, develop the implementation and biological research surveys and site restoration planting plans, obtain further permits, hire contractors, and many accompanying details that will enable implementation as envisioned for August-September of 2025.

Here is the link to to the 65% design as of summer 2024. This

CRB_65%_Design_Plan_Set_20240131 (pdf/25 meabytes)

Chicken Ranch is a nice place to be on a summers day.