TBF Advisory Committee

May 2023

TBF has formed an advisory committee.  Currently members include:

Francine Allen, Inverness

Sarah Allen, Marine Ecologist (NPS, retired)

Rob Carson, County of Marin, Stormwater Pollution Protection Program

George Clyde, East Shore Planning Group

Amanda Eichstaedt, KWMR Radio

Ashley Eagle-Gibbs, Environmental Action Committee West Marin

Morgan Patton, Aide to Marin Co. Supervisor Dennis Rodoni

Mike Giammona, Rancher

Dennis Rodoni & Fernando Barreto, Marin County Supervisor & Aide

John Largier, Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute, UC Davis

Tom Gardali,  Audubon Canyon Ranch

Mike Giammona, Rancher

Dominique Richard, PhD, formerly TBF Water Quality Analyst

Eric Rubenstahl, MALT

Matt Samson, Marin Water Board of Directors

Nils Warnock, Audubon Canyon Ranch

Alan Shabel, UCB Point Reyes Field Station

Inverness Yacht Club TBD

We seek your input:

By forming an Advisory Committee, the Foundation Board hopes to benefit from diverse stakeholder knowledge of the Tomales Bay watershed, including specific issue areas or scientific expertise, as well as gaining a balanced perspective on “the big picture”.  This will help us, and, we hope, you and your own organizations, to define common strategies for watershed protection, advance specific projects, create partnerships, and enhance ongoing network collaboration. We anticipate that the Advisory Committee members will make recommendations to our board, and to each other, about priority issues and strategies. Ideally the Advisory Committee would guide our Board on projects and policy decisions, serve the Foundation informally as ambassadors to the larger community, and help sustain the Foundation with leadership, volunteer and financial support.

Proposed Advisory Committee organization:

The TBF Advisory Committee meets twice a year, ideally in person.  Our goal is to keep it simple.  We will provide some basic administrative support on meeting logistics, facilitation, and communications, including drafting an agenda and providing meeting notes.  We intend to keep AC meetings interesting and topical and suggest that agendas include presentations on important activities around the bay, including a short report at each meeting on an exciting project or current concern, such as a report from one of our research grant recipients, or an update from an AC member on key issues.  In addition, we believe that at least an hour should be available for facilitated discussion and input from AC members.  Refreshments and a social time will be provided before or after each meeting.

If you are interested in joining the TBF Advisory Committee, please let us know. Again, thank you for considering to joinI

Sincerely, the Tomales Bay Foundation Board